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We believe that maintaining the wellbeing of the mind and soul is an obligation upon us as Muslims. ‘Aafiyah’ translates to ‘wellbeing’ in the Arabic language, and helping other Muslims to manage their wellbeing is what we strive towards through the work that we do. The Aafiyah Project was established to raise awareness & to proactively address the needs of those struggling with mental health difficulties in the Muslim community. We provide workshops, lectures, and literature in order to educate and raise awareness about mental health from an Islamic perspective.

We work with Mosques & Islamic Cultural Centres; Islamic Societies within universities; schools; businesses and workplaces. We have a broad focus on male and female mental health and wellbeing across the age spectrum. Additionally we provide training courses for university Islamic societies, Imams and other leadership figures in mosques, and also within corporate environments.

We are an organisation run by skilled volunteers with years of experience of working as professionals in mental health. If you find yourself struggling or are seeking advice about somebody close to you, please do get in touch and we will do our best to support you through professional advice and signposting to suitable services. We don’t currently offer counselling or therapeutic services; however this might change in the near future.

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